Height : 18.31 inch
Width : 12.01 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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A unique 8 arm candelabra, the Comino Decorated Candelabra is reminiscent of an ancient fireplace, centrally located and warming the home. Each piece in this collection is handmade by our expert silversmiths, each one specializing in a different aspect of the craft. This ornate silver candelabra is destined to become the showpiece of your home, illuminating the faces of your family and friends as they sit around your dining room table.

This 8 candle candelabra proudly stands over 18 inches tall, the center candle rising dramatically above the rest. The candle holders are square and elaborately engraved, and the delicate arms rise and fall like the flickering flames of a fireplace before curving downward toward the stem. The central stem of this 8 arm silver candelabra, which gives this work of art its height, narrows elegantly at the middle and features elaborate engravings at either end that mimic the engravings of the cups and the base.

  • Sterling silver candelabra to last a lifetime
  • Unique polishing method ensures that light reflects across the panels
  • Elegant feet hold up a solid base designed to ensure keep it sturdy and steady 
  • 30-day money back guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction

This 8 arm candelabra could be the pride and joy of your home, the place your family gathers to welcome Shabbat and holidays. You’ll wish you could use it every day!

The Comino Collection is inspired by the sight of an ancient fireplace; its flames emitting their glowing warmth. The uniqueness of the Comino Collection is how it warms the appearance of the home when in position. All pieces in the collection are hand-made by a team of silversmiths- each with a different specialism: metal spinning, hammering and fine polishing.

Hazorfim’s unique, patented polishing method assures that light from the Shabbat candles reflects from the silver panels to envelop us like a cozy fireplace. The Comino Collection is a unique range of silver art which distributes ambient light and joy to the family home.