Hazorfim’s Menorahs are famous throughout the world. Since our beginning in 1952, Hazorfim’s skilled silver artists have created dozens of designs each hand-crafted from pure silver and every Menorah has its own story: a special inspiration, or artistic style in whose light the creation is formed. The decorations and engravings on each Hazorfim Menorah are carefully hand-created by our skilled master silversmiths. Models of all sizes have been added over the seasons in accordance with popular demand, from rare mini Menorahs to tall and impressive Menorahs - each with a quality and beauty which draws admiring glances, made from sterling silver and stamped with the seal of Hazorfim. In those days and in our times.

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Gola Menorah Tall
Available 08/15/2023
Bandini Collection
Bandini Collection
Bandini Collection
Bandini Collection
Bandini Collection
Gola Menorah Leaves Arms
Available 07/31/2023
Bandini Collection
Bakio Decorated Chabad Silver
Available 09/30/2023
Keshet Small Menorah
Available 08/25/2023
Bugatti Smooth Silver Menorah
Available 08/31/2023
Big Caprio Menorah
Available 08/25/2023
Bandini Collection
$2,124 Price reduced from $3,861 to
End of Collection. Final Sale
Bandini Collection
Laguna Smooth Menorah
Available 06/30/2023
Bandini Collection