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the legacy collection
by Yakov Merdinger

The Story

Yakov Merdinger
My mission is to pass on the art of silversmith craftsmanship, preserving our legacy.
Yakov Merdinger

The remarkable story of Hazorfim begins with Yosef Merdinger, a daring immigrant who arrived in Israel in 1949 with a dream to revive the art of hand-crafted silversmith. Teaming up with skilled friends Wilhelm Kerner and Michael Steinmetz, they founded Hazorfim in 1952, perfecting their craft in a humble kitchen workshop.

Yosef's talented son, Yakov, continued the legacy, becoming the head of Hazorfim artists after his father's passing. Today, Hazorfim stands as the world's largest silver Judaica brand crafting exquisite silver art embrace Jewish tradition and inspiration, preserving the ancient art for generations to come.



Each piece begins with a vision; a design and a dream that slowly develops into a stunning example of the meticulous work and outstanding craftsmanship perfected by Yakov Merdinger head of our team of artists.


The creation of your silver masterpiece begins with the casting process. The sterling silver is melted at a high temperature until the silver is liquid. This is followed with the delicate operation of pouring the liquid silver into the mould.


The exquisite designs and intricate engravings are carefully etched into the silver using the chasing method. Using chasing hammers and other special tools, the shape and form of your silver treasure is painstakingly carved and perfected.


The final form of your handcrafted piece is then completed with the soldering process, conducted with a silver rod and small blow torch, which causes the silver to run, and it then fills in the meeting points between two pieces of silver. This task is considered extremely complex and is only conducted by highly experienced and professional silversmiths.


Once your silver piece is complete, it is then polished and brilliantly shined to achieve the perfect finish that is synonymous with Hazorfim's silver products. It is now a masterpiece to behold, ready to grace your home in its place of honor.


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