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The story of Hazorfim is a remarkable and yet familiar tale: A young immigrant, persecuted in his country of origin, sets out to build a new life in a new land. And so it was for Yosef Merdinger who in 1949 arrived in Israel with little more than his toolbox and the shirt on his back.

Inspired by the spirit of silver and his respect for the heritage and tradition of the silversmiths, Yosef's bold vision was to preserve the art of hand-crafting pure silver pieces and Judaica.


Yakov Merdinger: A World-Renowned Artist and Silversmith

Yakov Merdinger (born in 1956) is an Israeli silversmith and artist, renowned for designing and creating prestigious silver items and Judaica. From the age of 13, Merdinger exhibited exceptional talent for silversmithing when he designed his first silver pieces.

Merdinger grew up in the traditional family environment of the "Hazorfim" company, founded by his father Yoseph Merdinger in 1952. Initially a small workshop in Tel Aviv, the company has evolved into an international brand known for magnificent silver art. Merdinger continues a long lineage of skilled silversmiths, drawing inspiration from classical techniques while developing his own unique methods. His works are sculptural artworks that blend tradition with innovation, ranging from Baroque-inspired ornamental styles to minimalist and modern designs.

In recent years, Merdinger's works have gained widespread international recognition. He is considered one of the most influential silversmiths in the world, with private clients and cultural centers acquiring his highly valuable creations. His impressive silver and Judaica pieces adorn the homes of numerous famous individuals, including businesspeople, donors, celebrities, and presidents from various countries. Many of his works are specially designed for private clients in limited editions.

Notable Works:

"The Mitzvot Wagon" (2022)
This monumental masterpiece is a collection of Judaica objects concealed within a Victorian wagon. It features nearly one hundred gold-plated silver pieces studded with gemstones, alongside colorful enamel layers revealing intricate patterns created through the guilloché technique—deep engraving. The work refers to periods when Jews had to perform their religious commandments in secret. Inside the wagon are six different ritual objects representing Jewish ceremonies: Shabbat candlesticks, a Kiddush cup, a Havdalah set, a Hanukkah menorah. The stunning appearance of the Mitzvot Wagon reflects the power of the Jewish faith.

"The Clarinet of Mitzvot" (2020)
This sterling silver clarinet is plated with gold, studded with gemstones and enamel. The Clarinet of Mitzvot comprises dozens of gold-plated silver pieces with enamel layers revealing intricate and elegant patterns executed in the guilloché technique. When disassembled, it reveals six ritual objects: candlesticks, a Kiddush cup, a Havdalah set, a Hanukkah menorah, and a Natla. This impressive work combines spiritual symbols with the clarinet, symbolizing the harmony of the Jewish musical instrument.

"The Wine Fountain" by Bereshit Collection (2017)
A wine fountain with a central pouring vessel that pours into wine glasses resting on a tray, inspired by the theme of creation. Part of the Bereshit collection, characterized by minimalist and clean lines, it pays respect to the precious materials used. Each glass is engraved with a different verse from the Genesis story in the Bible, creating spiritual inspiration from the creation story. The piece is made of gold-plated and sterling silver in a minimalist and elegant design, turning the act of pouring wine into a spiritual and dignified ritual.

Merdinger's works display his remarkable mastery of traditional silversmithing techniques and his unique way of combining spiritual inspiration, Jewish symbols, and heritage with an innovative design vision. The intricate details and engraved verses attest to the high level of execution and immense investment he puts into his creations.

“My mission is to pass on the art of silversmithing to future generations, and through it preserve our heritage”  Yakov Merdinger.



From its humble origins Hazorfim has designed and created unique, pure silver artworks, growing in reputation to become both the largest silver plant in the world and the standard bearer for silversmiths around the globe. Now as always, Hazorfim combines traditional techniques with innovation to fashion beautiful, hand-crafted Judaica silver pieces which bring style, beauty and tradition to any home. Now as always, Hazorfimmaster craftsmen imagine and create flawless pieces of ceremonial Jewish art crafted from pure silver, each item preserving the ancient spirit and the art of silver for all generations to come.