Mayim Achronim, according to Jewish law, is a term for the ritual washing of hands at the end of a meal. It is customary to perform this purification with a designated vessel for the Mayim Achronim.Hazorfim silverware for the last water consists of two parts: a handwashing cup and a basin, both made from high-quality sterling silver. The artisans at Hazorfim drew inspiration from various art styles and created a variety of silver vessels for the Mayim Achronim, each with a unique design and different inspiration. These vessels are adorned with engravings and embellishments meticulously crafted by hand. A limited selection of items includes an exquisite silver spigot that dispenses pure water, suitable for those who seek the most exquisite quality. The unique vessels for the Mayim Achronim produced by Hazorfim have graced the homes of thousands of families worldwide for decades. These items vary greatly in appearance, design, and functionality, and it is clear that Hazorfim does not rest on its laurels but continuously refreshes its collections with items designed to impress anyone who acquires them. The name of Hazorfim is registered with special patents for vessels for the Mayim Achronim. Just like in other product categories, Hazorfim leads in terms of design and originality in this field as well. The variety of items is vast, and a visit to Hazorfim website or their network of stores will reveal just how rich the selection of vessels for the Mayim Achronim is. There are models in pure silver, Mayim Achronim vessels with gold plating, pitcher-shaped vessels, Mayim Achronim vessels with a small spigot, vessels with royal adornments, vessels with a modern design, and many more.

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Mayim Achronim

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