One of the most beautiful traditions in Judaism is to wash their hands before the meal; exposing our hands and the clean waters wash us in holiness and purity. These elegant silver basins made by Hazorfim’s silver artists gives honor to the commandment adding class and luxury to the ritual of hand-washing. Imagine the pure silver stood at the sink, a bright and shining beauty, filled with clear water showing the brilliance of gold leaf inside. Each design takes a different style and is adorned with handmade decorations, formed with precision and meticulous attention by our skilled silversmiths. Hazorfim’s collection of natlot are made of in high quality sterling silver and covered with engravings and illustrations that match to the best from our tradition.

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Netilat Yadaim

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Available 11/29/2023
Merdinger by Hazorfim
Legacy Heirloom Collection