ISI Certificate



Certificate of evaluation for ISI silverware When purchasing silverware made of pure silver, you want to be sure that it is original, and that it is produced with reliability and high quality. Hazorfim is the only one who provides this certificate, As a company with a tradition of over 70 years, we see before our eyes the vision and mission of preserving goldsmiths' sterling silver, and part of this vision have created a systematic sub-system according to which each creation is graded in universal indices so that when purchasing silver masterpieces, you can be sure that they you purchase the best most. with your purchase, you receive an original ISI evaluation certificate that lists four indicators: the originality of the design, the grade of the Silversmith, the thickness of the silver, and the level of finish, which indicate the authenticity, quality, and reliability of the item you have purchased.

For an example certificate see below: