Coin Menorah Silver Plated Gold Coin

Coin Menorah Silver Plated Gold Coin

Coin Menorah Silver Plated Gold Coin

Height: 8.27 in
Length: 3.94 in
Width: 11.81 in
Material: Silver Plated
Item No. 12860-RC00
4.8 out of 5 Customer Rating

The Golden Coin displayed on the front of the Menorah is an exact replica of a coin from the Hasmonean dynasty, found in archeological excavations in which the menorah from the Second Temple period was first seen. On the coin appear the models of the seven-branched lamp and the showbread. which are the sacred vessels used in the temple in Jerusalem that only the priests in the temple could see. Exposing the most sacred vessels in the temple through coins had a great meaning towards the Jewish community. The lamp in the temple was made of pure gold. The uniqueness of the lamp that appears on the coin Is that the artists who designed it saw the lamp in the temple themselves. Therefore this coin is considered an authentic model of the temple lamp. In this coin Menorah made by Hazorfim we were able to connect the old with the new, tradition and innovation.12860-RC00

Merdinger Studio collection for Hanukkah Merdinger Studio was born out of the desire to bring an innovative design concept inspired by the original designs of Hazorfim, a wide collection of items made of various metals from silver plating and other quality materials. The brand's products combine functionality and aesthetics, tradition and innovation and enhance the delicate and precious moments of family gatherings and hospitality.

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