Caring for your Hazorfim Silver Items

Silver, considered to be a precious, gentle metal, symbolizes eternity, purity and tradition that is passed on from generation to generation. To preserve its brilliance and beauty, it must be cared for accordingly.

In order for you to fully enjoy the magnificence of your piece of art for many years to come, we have provided you with important cleaning and care instructions. Please follow these carefully.

General Instructions

  • Do not clean silver products with harsh cloths or any other materials that may scratch the product.
  • Do not apply force when cleaning. Pay particularly close attention with products such as menorahs or candleholders.
  • To preserve the gold plating on relevant products, do not clean the gold plated areas with silver cleaning agents. These areas should be cleaned with a soft dry cloth only.
  • Do not expose silver products to classect sources of heat or cold.
  • Wax may be removed from the silver using hot water.



Routine Cleaning to Maintain Shine

Gently polish silver products every two weeks, using a soft dry cloth. This polishing prevents tarnishing and maintains a clean, shiny appearance.

Cleaning After Use

Rinse the product right after use, especially if it has come in contact with vinegar, lemon, wine or salt. After rinsing, wipe with a soft dry cloth. 

Deep Cleaning

We recommend using HAGERTY cleansing agents, according to the instructions that appear on the cleaning products themselves.