Height : 17.64 inch
Width : 13.78 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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And kindled lights in the courtyards of Your Sanctuary (from the al hanissim addition to grace after meals)It all began here. Jews from all over the world come to the Hazorfim workshop in Hevel Modi’in- the location where the Hasmonean rebellion broke out. They come here to choose the piece which will light up their window; a hanukiah from the House of Hazorfim- available in dozens of styles and sizes, each elegant and handmade from the finest sterling silver. The unique quality of the Neora Small Hanukiah begins with its base. This strong, solid base provides a firm foundation on which the piece stands against the four corners of the skies. Hazorfim’s expert silver artists create each Neora Small Hanukiah by hand using traditional techniques. Their skill achieves sides and angles which give this pure silver hanukiah the look of stone. The rare size of this model adds a special elegance and prestige- making a witness to the building of the children of Israel and illuminating the eight days of Hanukah.

The Neora Collection is a range of pure silver art which exudes stability, with straight lines and sharp edges. Expert silversmiths give the soft metal the appearance of “carved” stone.  Every item in the collection features a straight, sturdy pillar, supported in four directions, like the four corners of the Heavens.

The collection combines classic and modern design to produce silver art which is stylish and elegant and which symbolizes the strong families which build up the people of Israel.