Height : 34.4 cm
Width : 34 cm
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $2,930

Special Price $2,637


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The Merdinger Menorah was designed more than fifty years ago by Joseph Merdinger, one of the founders of Hazorfim. Till today it is adored as one of the most beautiful Menorahs by silversmiths. This model rests on its high but gentle stand. The clean lines of the Menorah are reminiscent of trumpets, and it is accompanied by silver artistry which is elegant, innovative and complete. The Merdinger Menorah is proof that classic never goes out of fashion.

The Merdinger Collection was created to honor the memory of Hazorfim’s late founder, the silversmith Joseph Merdinger.

Joseph Merdinger designed the famous Merdinger menorah, which fifty years since it was first unveiled is still considered by many as their favorite Hazorfim menorah. Expert silversmiths who specialize in the making of hand-crafted silver speak about the Merdinger menorah as a perfect example of clean and elegant silver design. The body is made of nine rounded branches sculpted from pure silver, like nine sparkling shofars.

Recently, Joseph’s son and successor Ya’akov decided to create a collection of candle holders in the same style. Thus was born the Merdinger Collection; a range of silver art that shares this unique, smart and precise design and which expresses the timeless charm of Hazorfim’s founder.