Height : 13.90 inch
Width : 12.40 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $3,208

Special Price $2,726


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The next stunning work in the Filigree collection is this 8 arm candelabra, specially designed to pay homage to the special art of the Jews of Yemen. Filigree is the art of decorating with fine silver threads that are spliced and wound in artistic patterns to form impressive silver decorations.

This 8 arm silver candelabra is a testament to the silversmiths’ infinite patience, as each thread must be twisted and curled hundreds -- or even thousands -- of times in order to create the astonishing adornments.

In this 8 candle candelabra, a round base narrows gracefully into a stem, which immediately balloons out before narrowing again, little by little, as the eye moves upward. The filigree work is simple and spare, accenting the natural curves of this Judaica silver piece and enhancing them. Simple arms -- so highly polished that they appear to be mirrored -- stretch outward toward round cup holders adorned with a simple line of filigree. 

  • Sterling silver candelabra features simple touches of elaborate filigree work
  • Glowing silver faces that are interrupted only by the filigree work

An 8 arm candelabra can at times be too large, but this spectacular piece, with its simple touches of elaborate decoration, is at its heart a study in the skill of the silversmith and the tradition of another culture. Add a piece of Yemenite tradition to your home today!

At Hazorfim, we chose to design a collection to pay homage to the special art of the Jews of Yemen and so we created the Filigree Collection, the central motif being crafted filigree. Filigree is the art of decorating by using fine silver threads spliced and wound in artistic patterns to form large, impressive silver decorations which adorn the pieces.

Filigree requires infinite patience as the craftsman persistently returns hundreds or thousands of times to the basic decoration pattern creating the spectacular adornments on the edges of each piece.