Height : 13.90 inch
Width : 12.40 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $2,213

Special Price $1,881


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Drawing inspiration from yet another exotic location, this 5 arm candelabra is a celebration of craftsmanship and tradition. The Filigree Collection uses a time-honored form of decoration called filigree, the art of decorating with fine silver threads spliced and wound in artistic patterns which adorn the works of art. The Yemenite community was known for its filigree work, and that tradition is represented here.

But this sterling silver candelabra doesn’t have an old-fashioned look and feel; Hazorfim’s expert silversmiths have polished the silver to a mirrored gloss, brightening and modernizing the look of the 5 candle candelabra.

The first thing you notice about this 5 arm silver candelabra is the arms, smooth, reflective, reaching outward and slightly upward, stretching to include everyone around. The filigree work appears on the cup holders, the stem, and the base, delicate designs, intricately placed, and with flowers on the elegant feet. This dining table candelabra is the perfect size for any family.

  • Sturdy base to ensure the candelabra stands tall and proud.
  • Unique filigree work deliberately placed for maximum impact.
  • Free worldwide shipping and lifetime warranty.

This exclusive 5 arm candelabra is equally at home in a fascinating, glamorous locale or in your living room. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring a Yemenite-inspired treasure into your family’s home!

At Hazorfim, we chose to design a collection to pay homage to the special art of the Jews of Yemen and so we created the Filigree Collection, the central motif being crafted filigree. Filigree is the art of decorating by using fine silver threads spliced and wound in artistic patterns to form large, impressive silver decorations which adorn the pieces.

Filigree requires infinite patience as the craftsman persistently returns hundreds or thousands of times to the basic decoration pattern creating the spectacular adornments on the edges of each piece.