Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All orders are encrypted with SSL technology (Secure Sockets Layer) on both your side and ours. SSL encrypts all personal information including credit card number, name, and address, so you can be certain your private information will not be read as it goes through the Internet. To make sure the SSL works, your browser must use an SSL-enabled. Learn more. Please note: emails are not encrypted and are not considered secure means of passing on your credit card information.
The products that you are interested in purchasing can be added to the cart by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button. Once you decide to make a purchase, simply click the “Check Out” button and fill in the necessary information. You will only be charged at the end of the process, after clicking on the Purchase Confirmation button. You can always cancel, add or remove a product at any stage or exit the website with no obligation.
Shipments are usually received within 7 business days. Some delays may occur that are beyond our control and are usually due to a problem in the mail or at the delivery company itself. To ensure the secure delivery of your order, Hazorfim does not ship orders to P.O. Boxes.
We offer free delivery via courier for all purchases over $500. Delivery is made within 7-10 business days or 3-4 days via TNT Express (with an additional cost of $200).
To find out whether your product has already left the Hazorfim factory, please contact our customer service by phone, Sunday - Thursday between 9:00-16:00. Make sure to have the purchase details (receipt, order number) in front of you.
Throughout history, silver items have been bought with the thought and intention of passing them on to future generations. Therefore, all Hazorfim products that are made of pure sterling silver 925 (this is noted in the product’s description on the website) will come with a lifetime warranty attached to the item’s packaging. This warranty guarantees that Hazorfim will automatically replace any items that may contain defects caused during production.
All Hazorfim silver items are packaged inside a prestigious box. The product itself is wrapped in a special bubble wrap and a layer of tissue paper, and is inserted into an elegant box, tied with purple ribbon and wrapped in purple velvet. The item’s warranty card is tied to the box with a silver thread, and on the other side of it, is a personalized greeting card ready to be filled in.
A guide to the proper care of silver can be found in our care instructions video. This guide contains important information for anyone who owns or is interested in purchasing pure silver items.
Our products leave the Hazorfim workshop only after passing under the watchful eyes of several silver craftsmen and artists, and receiving their seal of uncompromising quality approval. However, if a defect is detected before the item is used, you can call our international customer service at: 212-252-2098.

Please note that we cannot replace products damaged by improper handling, unsuitable cleaning materials, or a fall causing the item to be dented. For full guidelines on how to care for your Hazorfim sterling silver see our care instruction section.

Return of items for replacementor refund, according to Hazorfim policy, will be made in Israel, accompanied with the original receipt or an exchange voucher within 30 days of purchase. All returned items must be returned in its original flawless condition and packaging, and without usage.

Items will be retuned to Hazorfim customer service via registered & insured mail to the following address:

Hazorfim Customer Service.

Doar Ha Merkaz

Kfar Daniel, 73125


Items can also be retuned, by hand delivery to one of Hazorfim stores. All taxes, postal fees etc. in relation to the item’s return, will be paid by the customer.


Yes. Silver products are designed to be used for many years. And so, any Hazorfim item that has been damaged or dented can be repaired even after several years. Please contact customer service to learn more and read details in the previous section “Can I return a product I purchased and receive credit or refund?” on how to go about sending your item to Hazorfim. The price of the repair will be determined only after the item arrives at the Hazorfim workshop.