Height : 5.31 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925
Volume : 190 ml

Regular Price: $430

Special Price $254


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If you look only for perfection when you buy silver kiddush cup sets, you have found what you’ve been searching for. As with all judaica silver pieces at Hazorfim, this silver kiddush cup set radiates an outstanding beauty and exceptional quality which is unparalleled, making it the ideal piece for the discerning consumer.

The plate of this unique kiddush cup set has a round shape, with a wide rim encircling its sleek silver center. A small border made of exquisite diamonds surrounds the plate, with a rim of smooth silver on either side of it, giving the plate a look of genuine elegance.

The cup of this set stands on a round platform which rises slightly before arching into the stem, curving out as it climbs, before bending back in, with a small ring design just beneath the cup. The cup starts with a rounded bottom and then curves upward, widening minimally as it reaches the top and ending with a broader lip. A design like that of the plate, made of small diamonds, circles the cup just under the lip, finishing the set in a magnificent fashion.

  • Adds an exceptional sophistication to your table
  • Made entirely from 925 sterling silver
  • Supported by a firm base for spill-free use
  • Polished to a shine, with an incredible glow

When you use this silver kiddush cup set to assist you in welcoming in the holy day of Shabbat, you will be able to experience the special feeling of this day on a level you never have before.