Width : 14.37 inch
Diameter : 14.37 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $2,478

Special Price $2,230


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The Corinth Seder Plate is inspired by the motifs and style of neo-classical architecture, the main characteristics of which are straight lines, symmetry and harmony. Hazorfim’s silver artists adorn the edges of each plate with meticulously crafted hand decorations such as the petals of Corinthian columns. This work requires precision to the millimeter so as to make the perfect piece. The final result is a Seder plate which reflects the power, precision and richness of ancient Hellenistic architecture.The Corinth Collection is a tribute to the influences and style of neo-classical architecture- inspired by pillars of the old city of Corinth, Greece. Despite wars, earthquakes and the ravages of time, Corinthian columns still stand proud, symbolizing power and wealth. The designs in this collection feature pieces individually adorned with Hellenistic style- clean and symmetrical. Each item in the Corinth Collection must be made to absolute perfection or it is discarded.

The Corintus Collection is a tribute to the influences and style of neo-classical architecture- characterized by straight lines, symmetry and harmony which hints at the power and wealth of ancient Hellenistic architecture. Each design in the Corintus Collection feature pieces individually adorned and hand-decorated by skilled silversmiths.

These pure silver items are sculpted with clean, straight lines whose symmetry and meticulous hand-made decorations stir memories of the ancient columns of dressed stone which still stand in Corinth.