Height : 7.68 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $349

Special Price $244


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When you look for the perfect kiddush cup for sale, this sterling kiddush cup will stand out from the rest with its superior quality and exceptional design, created especially for you, our valued customer. The beauty of this piece shines brightly from its sophisticated form, and will transform your Shabbat table from ordinary to extraordinary every single week. This sterling silver kiddush cup will earn you countless compliments from your family and friends alike, when they see your outstanding taste in silver.

This Shabbat kiddush cup is supported by a circular base which curves in minimally as it climbs to meet the stem. The stem twists in and out, widening as it rises, with a ring design just under the cup. The cup starts off with a rounded bottom, and begins to curve in about halfway up, bending back out before ending with a broader rim.

Each section of this beautiful cup boasts magnificent patterns engraved painstakingly by our talented silver artists, along with delicate adornments placed carefully on its sides, resulting in a piece with extreme elegance.

  • Custom-crafted from pure 925 sterling silver by our expert silversmiths
  • Firmly supported by a sturdy base for spill-free use
  • Lifetime warranty ensures the beauty of this product will last forever
  • Perfectly polished, with an exceptional shine

When you add this gorgeous sterling kiddush cup to your collection of fine silver, your Shabbat will acquire a special glow which only pure silver can bring, the outcome of which is a magnificent table each and every week.