Diameter : 6.30 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $270

Special Price $229


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As a proud member of the magnificent Cobalt collection at Hazorfim, this silver plate was inspired by the metal with the same name and its strong metallic silver-white color, which can be imitated by our talented silver artists by polishing the silver items numerous times. Because of the amount of time and effort which this takes, only the most skilled and persistent silversmiths at Hazorfim who are accomplished in many different coating and polishing methods can take on this difficult job. After all the hard work is put in, the result is a collection of silver art with an exceptional beauty and a bright silver matte look.

This beautiful silver plate has a wide border with sides that curve in and out in an elegant shape, and encircle a smooth, round center. The border is made of sleek silver and has a unique, elevated design and a small rim which is engraved in a magnificent pattern.

  • Made entirely from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Adds a touch of class to your table
  • Solidly supports any kiddush cup
  • Lifetime warranty ensures the beauty of this piece forever

With this outstanding plate on your table, reflecting the glow of your silver Shabbat candlesticks, you will be able to experience the beautiful feeling that this holy day brings in a way that you never have before. Choose this silver plate as the perfect option when you look to purchase silver plates, and you’ll forever be grateful at having made the right decision.

The Cobalt Collection is inspired by the qualities of the metal cobalt, particularly the strong metallic silver-white color. To reach this bright shade of silver requires polishing and re-polishing the pieces over and over again.

The lengthy process requires a skilled and patient silversmith who is expert in a number of traditional hand-polishing and re-coating techniques; none of which may be skipped in the process of producing these stunning items. The result is a unique collection of bright silver matte artworks each with a striking beauty.