Height : 14.17 inch
Diameter : 5.12 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $1,036

Special Price $725


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Created in the style of the unique Bugatti collection at Hazorfim, these silver candle holders are a magnificent work of art, with exceptional design and quality. These pieces were inspired by the design of our Bagatelle collection, a collection which features the smooth, shined look of a luxury diamond. Producing silver art with the glossy, polished appearance of a diamond is an extremely difficult task, requiring the skills of the most talented artists, who put in a lot of time and effort to fashion the sharp, brilliant edges to create these masterful pieces.

Standing on a firm square platform with a circular design at the middle of the base, these sterling silver candle holders then rise slightly before meeting the stem. The stem climbs tall and proud, and is a little wider at its top and bottom, for added design. Each cup of these table candle holders is made in a square shape, and curves in under the rim, to complete these classy pieces with a beautiful piece.


  • Brings an extra touch of style to your table
  • Judaica silver candlesticks with an impressive shine, made from 925 sterling silver
  • Fully polished and easy to maintain, with no hard-to-reach areas
  • Lifetime warranty to ensure its beauty lasts forever


These silver Shabbat candlesticks add an elegant touch to your table, with the flames glowing off their sleek sides with a look of complete perfection. Add these silver candle holders to your collection for a beautiful table each and every week.

The Bugatti Collection is inspired by our Bagatelle design- a range of silver art which boasts the sleek, polished look of a diamond. Creating silver designs which maintain a luster and finish which mimics the look of a diamond is a technical challenge requiring highly skilled silversmiths. Hazorfim’s experts invest time, knowledge and skill to create the sharp, bright edges which result in a look associated with high-quality diamonds.