Height : 34.65 inch
Width : 24.41 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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Standing tall and proud at 88 cm, this sterling silver menorah will spread the light of Hanukkah far and wide when the candles are lit in its hold. With a magnificent design and form, this pretty menorah will show everyone the level of value which you give to this holiday, and the honor with which you celebrate it.

This decorative menorah begins with an intriguing platform, with the legs set in a square, and the sides arching up and curving in and out. The base merges directly into a stem with a fascinating form which is wide at the bottom and then thins significantly before widening again at the top, where it supports two silver arms which curl in and around. These arms hold the branches of this jewish menorah, which are made in the same fashion and are attached to each other by their tips, proudly carrying vase-shaped cups and delicate drip pans.

Each section of this unique menorah boasts magnificent engravings and designs, with an exceptional ornament it the center of each of the arms. This menorah additionally features a small oil jug which is attached at the side of the stem.


  • Fascinating and unique design, handcrafted with superior quality
  • Custom-made from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Perfectly polished, with an incredible shine
  • Free worldwide shipping provided for your convenience


This sterling silver menorah will add a sophistication to your holiday which you have never experienced before, when you add it to your collection of silver art.