Height : 20.87 inch
Width : 11.02 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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Candles and candelabras are frequently seen on display in Jewish homes to welcome Shabbat. Candle lighting is not only a symbol of light but also a spiritual and religious ritual.

Hazorfim boasts a vast choice of stylish and elegant Judaica artefacts created by their talented silversmiths. The 6-branch candelabra of the Begale collection is one of them.

This candelabra is tall and long with few decorations. It has a fresh contemporary look and stands on a two-tiered circular base with dark embossed lines as the décor.

It is sleek and highly polished. The arms are semi-circular, denuded of an upper curve. They astonish and reveal the candle cups or capitals, which stand higher than usual, and are the main features of this impressive candelabra. They are functional, accommodating and offer a choice of various lightings, such as tea-lights, slender candles and oil. Due to these choices, discrete ambiences and flavours can be fashioned to suit your evening dinners.

The small bead-like, droplet double feet are an interesting contrast to the sleek modern symmetrical lines. They are designed to be noticed, a feature unto themselves, adding warmth and charm to the candelabra’s overall appearance. 

The Begale Medium Candelabra has the following features:

  • Height: 20.87 inches; width: 11.02 inches
  • Made of 925 Sterling Silver
  • Easy to clean
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Can be Custom Ordered

This candelabra is perfect for your Shabbat table. Thanks to its highly polished effect, nuances of various colours and shades of lighting can be observed depending on the time of day.

It makes a perfect gift!