Material : Sterling Silver 925


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This 9 branch candelabra is part of the Begale collection, which is a collection of very large, bold, thick candelabras and other Judaica silver pieces. Each element here is thick, from the cup holders down to the base, and the entire piece is very pleasing to the eye as it has a natural symmetry created by the heave use of cylinders and straight lines.

The trunk is a solid cylinder with delicate vertical etchings all around. It must be thick as it holds the heavy branches of this 9 branch sterling silver candelabra with ease and poise. The base sits on 8 miniature silver spheres, placed as four sets of two balls each, and is shaped like a flat disc with a cuff set on top of it, graced with beautiful vertical lines cut out of it all the way around.

These cup holders are not typical; they are elongated, simple and the only design featured on them is vertical etchings, which add so much and complete the elegant look of this silver candelabra centerpiece. Those same lines etchings correspond with the identical design on the trunk, which pull the whole 9 arm silver candelabra together as a perfectly executed silver masterpiece.

  • Majestic design, tall and solid, stands proudly as each branch represents a unique family member.
  • The regal design of this is very impressive and grand looking, with its high-gloss finish and subtle etchings.

Inspire you guests with this impressive 9 branch candelabra by placing it in the center of your table and let its natural beauty do the rest.