Material : Sterling Silver 925


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The tradition of Candle lighting, a sacred and religious rite, dates back to ancient times. In Jewish culture, it is common practice to light candles every Friday at sundown. This custom fulfils the honour of welcoming in the Sabbath as well as encourages the unity of family and friends.

The skilled and talented artisans of Hazorfim, using methods of bygone days, handcrafted this beautiful 13-branched candelabra that is part of the Begale collection. This silver piece of poetry has small bead-like, droplet double feet––an interesting contrast to the sleek contemporary symmetrical lines––and stands on a solid double base. Beautifully etched with a vertical form, the column rises upwards to expose the classy similarly decorated labra.

Shaped in a semi-circle with defined crescent-shaped curves, the branches up-hold the simple yet sophisticated capitals. The décor etched on the candle cups match those of the stem – stylish and chic.

The overall aspect of this beautiful candelabra is one of a highly-polished modern holistic piece of art.

Additional benefits to owning this silver Judaica piece of art are

  • Made from 925 sterling silver
  • Easy to maintain due to high polish
  • Worldwide free shipping
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Capitals can accommodate tea lights and tapers

A Shabbat dinner table is never complete without the presence of lit candles. With panache and elegance this silver candelabra, will forever ignite conversation and bring joy.

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