Height : 12.20 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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With the light of your Shabbat flames gleaming off the pure silver of these silver candlestick holders, your home will take on a special feeling which is reserved for this holy day. The exclusive design and shape of these candlesticks will earn you many compliments from your family and friends, and leave you basking in the attention which they bring you. Table candle holders with a style which is both unique and modern such as these are not easy to come by, and only true experts will appreciate their beauty for what it is.

These judaica silver candlesticks stand on a firm circular platform which narrows almost immediately to join the stem. The stem begins with a small, round piece, with a larger one on top of it, and then changes to a rounded hexagon shape. The stem of these pair silver candlesticks is wide at the bottom and then arches in and out again at the halfway point, thinnest at its middle, with a hollow cut out on top for the candle.


  • Table candle holders made entirely from sterling silver, adding a special shine
  • Fully polished and easy to maintain, with no hard-to-reach grooves
  • Stand tall at 31 cm, making the perfect centerpiece
  • Silver Shabbat candlesticks with a sturdy base for safe use on your table
  • Free worldwide shipping provided for your added convenience


When you place these magnificent silver candlestick holders on your table, you will experience a feeling of beauty that only shining silver can bring you.

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