Height : 18.50 inch
Width : 12.20 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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A simpler version of the more elaborate pieces, this 6 arm candelabra features the same elegance, the same finely handcrafted vines that made the Bakio collection famous. The smooth lines of this silver candelabra shine forth uniquely in this smaller version, giving it a fresh, clean look.

A unique, square base balances on elegantly crafted feet that recall a Spanish vineyard. The stem narrows, then widens slightly, in rhythmic waves that move toward the top. Six candle holders top the sterling silver candelabra, seemingly held at arm’s length from the body of the candelabra.

The classically designed silver candelabra features one center candle surrounded by five other candle holders. For ease of use, the candle holders are designed to work without difficulty with your preferred candle or dripless oil cup.

  • Solid, stable base to ensure safety as a priority
  • Unique combination of Gothic and Baroque styles in one work of art
  • Handcrafted by our talented silversmiths for your pleasure
  • Free worldwide shipping and lifetime warranty

Don’t miss the opportunity to secure a one-of-a-kind work of art to set the tone for Shabbat in your home. This 6 arm candelabra is an exceptional way to bring light and warmth to your family – and to your own candle lighting experience.

The inspiration for this unique collection followed a visit by Hazorfim’s artists to the city of Bakio in Spain’s Basque region. Bakio is home to a mesmerizing mix of styles which inspired our stunning new range of silver art. The foundation of the pieces in the collection is Gothic-style, which boasts additional Baroque-style decorations. Further elegance comes from skillfully sculpted silver tendrils which intertwine and are carefully added by hand. The Bakio Collection is an optimistic tribute to the beautiful vineyards of the Bakio Valley.