Height : 15.28 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

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Special Price $1,706


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With a beautiful and unique design, these Ancona candlesticks will make magnificent centerpieces for your Shabbat table. Their sparkling silver will shine brightly, earning you many compliments from family and friends alike. With these pair silver candlesticks gracing your table, you can’t go wrong.

Standing on an octagon-shaped base supported by finely carved legs of silver, the platform of these real silver candlesticks rises slowly, narrowing as it climbs to meet the stem, with the top of the base as narrow as the stem itself. The stem is made in a rounded square shape and thins as it rises, stopping abruptly and then bending back out, slightly before it reaches the cup. Each cup of these judaica silver candlesticks thins just under the rim, curving inwards and stopping at the halfway point, straightening out until it reaches its slimmer base, resulting in fascinating pieces to hold the Shabbat flames.

Each section of these silver Shabbat candlesticks boasts magnificent patterns and designs, some of which resemble leaves and vines, to create truly extraordinary pieces. The candlesticks feature beautiful linear patterns on the base, and at the top and bottom of the stem, as well as at the foot of the cups.


  • Stand tall at 38.8 cm, with a striking design, for beautiful pieces
  • Solid silver candlesticks made from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Stable base ensures safe use on your table
  • Lifetime warranty guarantees their beauty remains forever


These pair silver candlesticks will add the perfect touch to your table when you add them to your collection of Shabbat table finery.