Height : 8.07 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $660

Special Price $594


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Small candle holders with an elegance such as these are not easy to come by, and make all the difference to the look of your table. Made from pure sterling silver, these pieces radiate a beauty and sophistication which will enhance your table even once the flames they’re carrying have gone out.

Standing on a firm square base supported by four finely carved legs of silver, the platform of these table candle holders then rises slowly, to reach up and hold the stem, and has a delicate pattern displayed at its head. The square stem climbs from the base, narrowing as it extends upwards, and widening again slightly at the tip, with an intricate design engraved at the top and bottom. The cups of these small candlesticks are square, and arch in under the rim, ending in a slimmer base, with an ornate pattern carved into it.


  • Silver Shabbat candlesticks, handcrafted with superior quality
  • Suitable for any type of candle
  • Brings a touch of class to your table
  • Fully polished silver candlesticks, made entirely from 925 sterling silver


These sterling silver candle holders are a genuine work of art, with their beauty shining through their masterful and refined design. With the Shabbat flames gleaming off the smooth silver of these pieces, your home will glow with a special feeling that only pure silver can bring. When these small candle holders join the ranks of your Shabbat table finery, never again will you be stuck looking for a beautiful centerpiece to enhance your table.