Width : 14.96 inch
Length : 7.09 inch
Material : Wood and Silver Plated

Regular Price: $103

Special Price $62


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When you place this wood and silver bread tray on your table each Shabbat, you are sure to receive countless compliments from your family and friends when they see your exceptional taste in silver finery. When paired with your sterling silver challah knife, the beauty of this piece will shine even brighter, leaving you grateful for making the wise decision in adding this board to your collection.

The base of this challah board is made of a rectangular piece of deep brown wood which has rounded corners. A sheet of silver rests at the center of the tray, boasting a fine pattern made up of swirl designs, with the words of the blessing for bread engraved in the middle. The tray is covered with a piece of glass which rises slightly at its sides to form a bowl in order to keep the challah and crumbs from falling off the tray.

  • Adds a look of sophistication to your table
  • Helps keep your table clear of crumbs
  • Impressive width of 38 cm and length of 18 cm
  • Lifetime warranty ensures the beauty of this product forever

This piece makes the perfect gift for family and friends, and is sure to stand out when you look to buy challah trays. With the elegance and beauty of this wood and silver bread tray enhancing your table each and every Shabbat, your dining room will sparkle with a special feeling that is brought about by this holy day and shining silver.