Width : 10.24 inch
Length : 7.48 inch
Material : Silver Plated

Regular Price: $125

Special Price $113


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With this silver wine set box gracing your table, every time you bring out a bottle of wine becomes a classy affair. The elegant and sophisticated look which this piece portrays to your guests will earn you countless compliments and bring the atmosphere in the room up to the next level. This wine set box is the ideal item for the consumer with a polished and classy taste in silver art.

This wine set is held by a rectangular black box, with the pieces of the set resting in a bed of black velvet which has cut-outs for each item. The set includes a corkscrew, two stoppers, a foil cutter, a drip ring, and a cap for a wine bottle. The lid of the box boasts a thin sheet of silver with a checkered design, placed at the center of the box to add a look of luxury and sophistication to the piece, resulting in a wine set box which makes the perfect gift or display item.

  • Adds a touch of sophistication to your table each and every week
  • Firmly holds the pieces in place, for proper protection
  • Makes a great gift for friends or family
  • Crafted with a superior design and outstanding quality
  • Lifetime warranty guarantees that the beauty of this piece lasts forever

When you look to purchase silver wine set boxes, the top quality and elegant look of this piece will stand out as a perfect option for you to add to your collection.