Height : 25.98 inch
Material : Silver Plated

Regular Price: $4,451

Special Price $4,006


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This item is currently in production and a limited quantity will be produced and available within 30 days. Place your order now to reserve the product and we will ship it to you when ready.


Ushpizin Sefer Torah Case Includes: Case with Crown, Rimonim and Yad.


Height of crown: 27cm

Max height for klaf: 56cm

Height of Case: 66cm
Height of Case with crown: 93cm


Optional upgrades (These can also be added after placing your order):

- Crown shown can be interchanged with Small crown (23cm) for the same price or upgraded to the Royal Crown (40cm) at additional cost. 

- Engraving on Luchiout

- Galila

- Custom-made Pasuk

- Additional Gold