Height : 11.02 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

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Special Price $445


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Glowing flames reflecting off smooth silver, the light embracing everything with its shine. A magnificently set table with sterling silver candle holders at its center, gracing all with their beautiful presence. These jewish silver candlesticks can help you achieve this exceptional image in your own home.

Supported by a square base with a fascinating arched quality, which stands on finely curved legs, these silver Shabbat candlesticks then rise in a curved platform before the stem. The stem is wider at the bottom, and bends inwards slightly as it nears the center, widening again as it climbs to the top to hold its cup, and has an elegant pattern engraved in its sides. The square cups narrow under the rim, in an arched design, making exquisite pieces to house your Shabbat flames, and completing the sophisticated look.

These silver candlesticks for sale stand at a height of 28 cm, and will look extraordinary when the flames are lit in their hold. The fully polished silver will upgrade the level of your table, and enhance your home. With their look of majesty, they are the perfect pieces to use to welcome in the Shabbat queen.


  • Made entirely from 925 sterling silver, giving these pieces an exceptional glow
  • Polished to a shine, and easy to clean and maintain
  • Suitable for all types of candles
  • Will stay forever beautiful, with a lifetime warranty


Add these impressive jewish silver candlesticks to your collection for a spectacular look you will never tire of.