Width : 14.96 inch
Diameter : 18.11 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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With this challah tray holding the challah bread on your Shabbat table, the room will take on a look of exceptional beauty which you have never seen before, adding a special glow to this holy day each and every week.

This challah board is made in an oval shape, with its sides curving in and out to assist its beautiful design in a most outstanding fashion. A wide border surrounds the sunken center of the tray, with an elegant vine engraving etched into it, and a thin rim encircling it with an exceptional pattern of smooth silver and vines. The center of the board boasts a spectacular design of two loaves of challah bread surrounded by the words ‘remember the holy Shabbat day’ written in hebrew along with the words for the blessing made on bread, which are separated by a beautiful leaf design.

  • Created with a superior quality craftsmanship and extraordinary design
  • Made with the impressive width of 38 cm and a diameter of 46 cm
  • Crafted from pure 925 sterling silver with an incredible shine
  • Free worldwide shipping provided

This magnificent board is a great choice for the consumer who looks for only the most exceptional piece when they buy challah trays. When you add this challah tray to your collection of silver Shabbat finery, your table will reach the next level of beauty, earning you numerous compliments from your family and friends and making you feel like the true silver expert which you have proven yourself to be.