Height : 21.46 inch
Width : 14.76 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $2,495

Special Price $2,246


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The Tuscana Medium Decorated Chabad Menorah combines a contemporary shape with the sweetness of traditional details, all in the right places. Its minimalistic and geometric top portion stands like a proud soldier at attention. Its eight straight, slender cylindrical branches extend at 45-degree angles from its simple center stem. Together, the branches and aligned candle holders create a triangular looking motif for the piece.

Each bulbous candle-holding cup is embellished with a tiny engraved design along the sides. Each slightly flared top has a thin banded lip. The shamash is angled forward, away from the other eight cups.

The center stem has an inverted acorn-shaped piece at the top which begins a pattern of stacked curved shapes at each place where the branches connect. The branches are mostly straight and simple except for a bit of leafy filigree detailing about halfway down each one. Just in front of the lowest branch hangs a petite oil pitcher similar in shape to the candle holding cups, complete with a fine handle.

From this point, the elongated pear-shaped stem features traditional plumed engravings on vertical panels. At two places, just above the base, the stem transitions by flaring out then pinching back in, maintaining the rounded shape and embossed panels. The curved circular base is embossed as well and is held aloft by four tiny filigree feet.

The Tuscana Medium Decorated Chabad Menorah combines a gleaming, minimally adorned look with a traditional twist.

  • Created with superior quality craftsmanship and timeless design
  • Created exclusively from the finest 925 sterling silver
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Its clever mix of a geometric top portion and traditional base could be exactly what you’ve been seeking.

The Tuscana Collection is a unique range which draws its inspiration from the views of Tuscany, Italy. It’s no secret that Hazorfim’s designers and silver artists share a special, personal and professional connection with Italian art. The province of Tuscany has a privileged role in this relationship as the site where the Renaissance and Rococo movement flowered.

The designs in the Tuscana Collection are inspired by the romanticism which characterized the Renaissance. Each piece in the collection is adorned by Hazorfim’s master silversmiths with ornate engravings of vines, flowers, grapes and leaves- all hand-crafted from pure silver. The Tuscana Collection seeks to preserve the traditions of exquisite design in pure silver, granting the collection the majesty of eternity.