Height : 5.12 inch
Width : 8.86 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $2,680

Special Price $2,412


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The exceptional design and superior quality craftsmanship of all judaica silver pieces at Hazorfim are featured brilliantly by this silver honey dish, making it the perfect choice for you when you look to purchase silver honey dishes.

This silver judaica honey dish is supported by a round base which arches in immediately and climbs to meet the body of the piece. The body is made in a wide, circular shape that curves in on the top and bottom, with a cover on it which is slightly raised and slants upwards as it rises to the top. Two elegant silver handles curl out from the sides of the dish, and a beautifully carved spoon rests in the bowl.

The dish is designed with pieces cut out of the silver and ornate leaf embellishments on each side of the body and cover, as well as a magnificent ornament which rests at the head of the cover, resulting in a piece with an exceptional beauty.

The beautiful silver plate from this set has a wide border which surrounds its smooth silver center. The border has a design made of a thin sheet of silver with cutouts designing the whole piece, along with some leaf embellishments and a thin rim which encircles the plate.

  • Handcrafted by our talented silversmiths from 925 sterling silver
  • Brings an exceptional class to your table
  • Impressive height of 13 cm and width of 22.5 cm
  • Free worldwide shipping provided

When you place this silver honey dish on your table, your dining room will take on a special sparkle which will leave your family and friends impressed by your outstanding taste in silver art.