Height : 26.97 inch
Width : 16.14 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $4,701

Special Price $4,231


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This tall silver menorah stands at the majestic height of 68.5 cm and has an exceptional design and a look of superior quality, which radiate from the pure silver. When you look for silver menorahs for sale, this contemporary menorah is sure to catch your eye with its impressive style and extraordinary form. With the Hanukkah flames glowing off the sparkling silver of this menorah, your home will be lit up with the beauty of the holiday, bringing you joy on a level you have never experienced before.

Supported by an arched, circular base standing on legs of delicate silver, this modern menorah then rises to hold the round stem. The stem thins as it climbs, widening again slightly at the top, boasting a beautiful design between each of the branches, and holding the middle cup higher than the rest. Each arm branches out in a wide arc, carrying a cup in the shape of a vase, with an ornate drip pan beneath it.

Every section of this unique menorah features elegant engravings and ornaments, with a brilliant vine design on the branches and a small oil jug attached to the stem.

  • Magnificent menorah handcrafted with an exclusive design
  • Polished to perfection, with an incredible shine
  • Firm base ensures safe use on your table or shelf
  • Free worldwide shipping provided for your convenience

When you add this tall silver menorah to your holiday finery, your Hanukkah will be enhanced tenfold, leaving you dreaming of these days all year long.

The Tuscana Collection is a unique range which draws its inspiration from the views of Tuscany, Italy. It’s no secret that Hazorfim’s designers and silver artists share a special, personal and professional connection with Italian art. The province of Tuscany has a privileged role in this relationship as the site where the Renaissance and Rococo movement flowered.

The designs in the Tuscana Collection are inspired by the romanticism which characterized the Renaissance. Each piece in the collection is adorned by Hazorfim’s master silversmiths with ornate engravings of vines, flowers, grapes and leaves- all hand-crafted from pure silver. The Tuscana Collection seeks to preserve the traditions of exquisite design in pure silver, granting the collection the majesty of eternity.