Height : 13.07 inch
Diameter : 3.74 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $1,900

Special Price $1,217


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As part of the impressive Sufra collection at Hazorfim, these sterling silver candlesticks are magnificent masterpieces created with exceptional design, and worthy of gracing your Shabbat table. Each piece in the Sufra collection was fashioned as a beautiful salute to the traditions of Jewish silversmiths, and to illustrate the modesty and splendor of the mitzvot. To demonstrate the diversity in each category of mitzvot, our talented silver artists blend handcrafted designs, carved arches, silver ornaments, and equally-aligned geometric designs, portraying the beauty which can be found in their differences, and the respect with which they are carried out.

Supported by a square base standing on four legs of delicately intertwined strands of silver, these pair silver candlesticks rise and narrow slowly to reach the stem. The stem is wider at the bottom and thins slightly as it climbs to the top, where it holds its square cup which arches in under the rim, widening again at the bottom. These contemporary silver candlesticks feature a long oval design at the center of the stem and the cups, completing the elegant look of the piece.


  • Silver Shabbat candlesticks glow brightly on your table with their perfectly polished silver
  • Add a touch of sophistication to your home with these modern silver candlesticks
  • Lifetime warranty ensures these beautiful candlesticks retain their shine forever


These magnificent sterling silver candlesticks will add a sparkle to your table when you purchase them for your collection of Shabbat table finery, to be used each and every week.

The Sufra Collection sanctifies the mitzvot and is especially popular amongst those who revere the commandments. Each item in the collection is a tribute to the traditions of Jewish silversmiths.

Integrated into the design are motifs which combine the modesty and the grandeur of the mitzvot: pure silver adornments, sculpted arches, handmade decorations and symmetrical geometric shapes precision-soldered by artists. In honor of the commandments, the Sufra Collection beautifully captures respectful and dutiful observance and brings an additional level of wholehearted intent.

The result is an elegant collection which glorifies the sanctity of a Jewish home and honors all guests gathered around the Shabbat table.