Height : 20.47 inch
Width : 13.78 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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As the holy Shabbat arrives each week, Jews combine respectful observance with wholehearted intent — and this 6 arm candelabra is the clear, elegant embodiment of both. Once again, the silversmiths of Hazorfim have created a masterpiece. This candelabra, part of the Sufra collection, is designed to draw attention to the sanctity of the mitzvot and the awe of Jewish tradition. 

From afar, this ornate silver candelabra is striking in its simplicity: a square base, traditional slender stem, undulating arms rising into square cup holders. Yet looking closer, we are struck by the elaborate, grand decorations carved into each face of this Judaica piece. With a focus on symmetrical, geometric shapes, the artwork is precision-soldered by Hazorfim’s silversmiths into each 6 arm silver candelabra, created especially for you.

The 6 candle candelabra, in particular, features a classic style and presentation. Large enough to make a statement but small enough to appear suitable in anyone’s home, this candelabra is a true masterpiece of imagination and craftsmanship.

  • Sterling silver candelabra to last a lifetime
  • Square base, elaborately carved and resting on four feet, provides strong support
  • Lithe, elegant stem, simply decorated to draw the eye upward
  • S-shaped branches stretch out in all directions to evenly distribute candlelight
  • 6 cup holders, narrowing charmingly and decorated with stunning motifs, carry your preferred candles

Rejoice in the sanctity of the Jewish home and honor your friends and relatives with this 6 arm candelabra from the Sufra collection.

The Sufra Collection sanctifies the mitzvot and is especially popular amongst those who revere the commandments. Each item in the collection is a tribute to the traditions of Jewish silversmiths.

Integrated into the design are motifs which combine the modesty and the grandeur of the mitzvot: pure silver adornments, sculpted arches, handmade decorations and symmetrical geometric shapes precision-soldered by artists. In honor of the commandments, the Sufra Collection beautifully captures respectful and dutiful observance and brings an additional level of wholehearted intent.

The result is an elegant collection which glorifies the sanctity of a Jewish home and honors all guests gathered around the Shabbat table.