Height : 3.70 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925
Volume : 210

  We offer engraving on all of our silver items. Engraving can be done in Hebrew, English, or a combination of the two. Please note, engraving will delay shipping by up to 5 days.
Minimum charge $18 for up to 10 letters. Any additional letter $1.

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Special Price $541


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As part of the beautiful Cobalt collection at Hazorfim, this silver kiddush cup set takes its inspiration from the metal with the same name that has a bright silver-white color which our silversmiths mimic by polishing the silver piece multiple times. Being that this job takes much effort and persistence, it can be done only by the most talented silver artists who are accomplished in the different polishing and coating methods required for this task. The end result of all the work put in are judaica silver pieces with a brilliant silver matte look and an extreme elegance.

This sterling silver plate has a wide border that curves in and out in an elegant fashion and surrounds the smooth silver center. The border has a small rim encircling it, with a beautiful design etched into it.

The cup of this unique kiddush cup set rises directly from its platform, widening as it reaches the top. A gorgeous linear design enhances the cup, starting at the platform and climbing until just beneath the rim, where there is a thin silver border. A design like that of the plate is etched into the bottom rim of this cup, finishing it with a look of genuine beauty.

  • Handcrafted from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Firm base ensures spill-free use
  • Option for engraving will add a personal touch
  • Free worldwide shipping

With the shine of this silver kiddush cup set brightening your table each week, you will be forever grateful at having made the wise decision in adding it to your collection.

The Cobalt Collection is inspired by the qualities of the metal cobalt, particularly the strong metallic silver-white color. To reach this bright shade of silver requires polishing and re-polishing the pieces over and over again.

The lengthy process requires a skilled and patient silversmith who is expert in a number of traditional hand-polishing and re-coating techniques; none of which may be skipped in the process of producing these stunning items. The result is a unique collection of bright silver matte artworks each with a striking beauty.