Height : 3.94 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925
Volume : 200 ml


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Created in the unique style of the impressive Bellagio collection a Hazorfim, the inspiration for the design of this silver kiddush cup set comes the ancient Italian village of Bellagio, which is located on the shores of the beautiful Lake Como. The exquisite scenery encircling the lake, with the view of the mountains reflecting off the clear waters and the stunning villas built by the noblemen, served as our artists’ inspiration when fashioning this collection, resulting in magnificent pieces. Each piece in this collection is handmade with the use of standard handcrafting methods and features intricate patterns and gorgeous designs which greatly enhance the look of the pure silver.

This sterling silver kiddush cup set has a plate with a smooth center and a wide border which curves in and out in an elegant fashion. The border has a narrow, elevated rim which gives it a look of simple sophistication.

The silver kiddush cup rises directly from its sturdy base, widening slightly as it climbs to the top. A beautiful linear design runs from the base of the cup until just beneath the rim, with the cup’s platform shaped in this pattern as well.

  • Adds a touch of class to your table
  • Handcrafted entirely from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Firm base ensures spill-free use
  • Made with superior quality and an exceptional design
  • Free worldwide shipping provided

If you would like to purchase kiddush cup sets with a look of beauty and distinction, this silver kiddush cup set is just the thing you’ve been looking for.

Pieces from the Bellagio Collection are handcrafted from pure silver using traditional hand-craft techniques. The collection gets its name from the ancient Italian village of Bellagio, on the shores of Lake Como. The collection draws its inspiration from the beautiful scenery surrounding the lake; the mountains reflected in the water and the estates built by Lombard aristocrats which surround it. Each pure silver piece in the Bellagio Collection is enlivened with delicate hand-crafted decorations.