Height : 14.96 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

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Created in the unique style of the Garda collection at Hazorfim, this small silver wine bottle takes its inspiration from Baroque style designs, which convey grandeur and plenty. Each piece in the Garda collection is handmade by expert silversmiths who are knowledgeable in many handcrafting methods. The designs on these pieces include flowers, leaves, and domes which are all skillfully fused onto the pieces, together with elegant patterns that are carved straight onto the silver.

This elegant wine bottle stands on a round platform which curves in immediately and rises to meet the body of the bottle. The body slowly widens as it climbs, reaching its widest point close to the top, where it curves back in and features a platform-like piece which begins to narrow into the neck. The neck rises tall and proud, bending out on one side at the top to form a spout, with an elegant stopper resting in it and a brilliant handle arching out from the rim and connecting at the top of the body.

The design of this exquisite bottle is divided over its four sides at the center of the body, with a checkered divider between each panel. The panels boast an outstanding vine pattern carved into them, with a magnificent floral embellishment in the middle of the design. The neck and handle feature beautiful vine engravings as well, making this the most extraordinary piece for you to choose when you look to purchase silver wine bottles.

  • Custom-crafted from 925 sterling silver
  • Made with an exceptional quality and extraordinary design
  • Covered tightly to protect the wine inside
  • Free worldwide shipping provided

Add this small silver wine bottle to your collection of Shabbat finery for an exceptional table each week.

The Garda Collection is inspired by Baroque-style, symbolic of abundance and glory, and charming the eye with its appeal to emotion and imagination. Each piece in the Garda Collection demands expert silversmiths, specializing in the art of handmade silver.

Leaves, flowers and the domes at the top and base of the piece are soldered into place with patterns and shapes being hammered into the silver. The creation of each piece requires many, expert and highly specialized artists. The Garda Collection symbolizes devotion, thought and attention to detail.