Height : 26.46 inch
Width : 16.54 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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With this large silver menorah serving as the centerpiece for your Hanukkah celebration, you will never be disappointed. The beauty and charm which this decorative menorah radiates, will immediately catch your eye when you’re looking to purchase menorahs, and its sophistication will convince you that it’s the perfect one. Standing at the impressive height of 67.2 cm, this beautiful menorah will spread the glow of the candles from your window to the street, conveying the message of this great holiday to one and all.

This magnificent menorah stands on an arched base, with its legs set in a square shape, and the sides curving in and out. The round stem rises from the base, thinning as it climbs, with a design between each set of arms, and the middle cup raised proudly at its head. Each pair of menorah candles is made to look like vines, and branches out in a wide half-circle, with every arm carrying an elegant drip pan beneath a cup with a vase-like shape.

Each section of this jewish menorah features ornate engravings and embellishments which resemble leaves and vines, along with a small oil jug, attached on the side of the stem.


  • Handcrafted entirely from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Sophisticated design and superior quality shine from this piece
  • Firm base ensures worry-free use on your table
  • Lifetime warranty guarantees this piece will sparkle forever


When you kindle the Hanukkah flames in the embrace of this large silver menorah, your holiday will be transformed with its beauty, and you will be able to really appreciate the festival of lights