Height : 24.80 inch
Width : 16.54 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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Pre-Order | 11/29/21

This item is currently in production and a limited quantity will be produced. Place your order now to reserve the product and we will ship it to you when ready.


The scrupulous among the scrupulous (From the Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Shabbat 21b)It all began here. Jews from all over the world come to the Hazorfim workshop in Hevel Modi’in- the location where the Hasmonean rebellion broke out. They come here to choose the piece which will light up their window; a hanukiah from the House of Hazorfim- available in dozens of styles and sizes, each elegant and handmade from the finest sterling silver. The Supra Medium Hanukiah is considered particularly popular among those who honor the mitzvoth. This design continues the tradition of Jewish silversmiths to combines modesty and grandeur into their designs. Hazorfim’s silver artists use their precision and mastery of traditional techniques to create spectacular silver decorations of geometric shapes which adorn the pure silver. This Hanukiah is a tribute to HaMehadrin Min HaMehadrin- those who to the present day, run after the mitzvoth and continue the elegant traditions of Beit Shamai and Beit Hillel.

The Sufra Collection sanctifies the mitzvot and is especially popular amongst those who revere the commandments. Each item in the collection is a tribute to the traditions of Jewish silversmiths.

Integrated into the design are motifs which combine the modesty and the grandeur of the mitzvot: pure silver adornments, sculpted arches, handmade decorations and symmetrical geometric shapes precision-soldered by artists. In honor of the commandments, the Sufra Collection beautifully captures respectful and dutiful observance and brings an additional level of wholehearted intent.

The result is an elegant collection which glorifies the sanctity of a Jewish home and honors all guests gathered around the Shabbat table.