The Romeo Collection symbolizes the desire of Hazorfim to sanctify the love and relationship in each family. Each piece of silver art in the collection is composed of large pure silver rings, a metaphor for the wedding band which is the starting point of each family unit. The sculpted pure silver rings are hand-made by Hazorfim’s skilled silversmiths after which they are polished to a flawless shine. Only at this point are the rings elegantly intertwined one with the other.

The creation of the Romeo Collection is a professional challenge requiring great patience; each silver ring must be perfectly aligned because even the slightest defect invalidates the entire piece. This investment of time and patience represents the investment we make in building and strengthening the family relationship. As in life, so in silver art- the investment pays off: exquisite silver rings intertwined one with the other, symbolizing the harmony and relationships of love which prevail in each family.

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