Height : 5.51 inch
Diameter : 4.53 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

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Special Price $509


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As a privileged member of the Margarita collection at Hazorfim, this silver netilat yadayim cup was created as a tribute to the art of the Spanish Jews. The pieces in this collection are made in a mix of styles with various Spanish themes and flowers, vines, and other depictions of nature, with every piece handmade by our expert silversmiths. These pieces are crafted with an outstanding elegance and patterns that serve as the foundation for many of the holy objects which we have today.

This exquisite netilat yadayim cup stands on a circular platform which arches in and narrows to reach the bottom of the cup. The cup curves out from the base, widening and narrowing again, before arching back out and ending with a broader lip. Two beautiful handles curl out from the rim of the cup, attaching at the base and adding an extremely elegant look to this Jewish hand washing cup.

Each side of this cup is designed with magnificent engravings resembling vines, along with ornate floral adornments at the center and smooth silver dividing every section. The handles feature beautiful patterns which are made to look like vines, making this the perfect piece for you when you look to buy netilat yadayim cups.

  • Adds a touch of culture to your collection of silver finery
  • Handmade entirely from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Boasts a superior design and quality craftsmanship
  • Free worldwide shipping provided

When you raise this cup to wash your hands before reciting the netilat yadayim blessing, you will marvel at the beauty with which this silver netilat yadayim cup was created, leaving you grateful that you added it to your collection.

The Margarita Silver Collection pays homage to the wares of Spanish Jewry, work which continued until their expulsion in 1492. The Jewelry crafted by Spanish Jews forms the basis for many of the holy objects we know today.

The Margarita Silver Collection is a delicate combination of unique motifs accompanied by Spanish themes: flowers, inter-twining vines and other representations of nature. Each piece in the Margarita Silver Collection is carefully hand-decorated by expert jewelers, meaning that each piece is individual and has its own unique charm. The pieces which comprise the Margarita Collection are known for an elegance and style which keeps alive the memories from our parents’ home.