Height : 14.57 inch
Diameter : 4.53 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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And He brought them to His holy border (Psalms 78:54)

Lior Hammering Candlesticks are a work of art that challenge the boundaries of creativity. The underlying challenge to the designer is to create the perfect circle inside a square. The successful result is a polygon with curved walls- forming the perfect hybrid which shatters the boundaries between the shape of a ball and the shape of a polygon. To complete this inspiring work of art, Hazorfim’s expert silversmiths use the technique of “Hammering” by which sheets of silver foils are sculpted into their final form with thousands of small hammer blows. This ancient and traditional

The Lior Collection is a series of designs which challenge the boundaries of the silversmith. This is a collection of silver art which combines polygonal shapes with curved walls. Through manual hammering, the soft, pure silver is shaped into a cross between a ball and the polygon shapes.

The challenge of the Lior Collection is to create the circle within the square; a task undertaken only by Hazorfim’s most skilled silversmiths. The result is a piece of silver art which represents the timeless elegance of the mitzvot.