Take a moment to contemplate the concept of a framework: it provides limits and restrictions; yet, without it, we'd be lost. The various frameworks that surround us, those of family, community, and nationhood, provide us with meaning and a sense of who we are. Lacking those, we'd disperse to the four winds, lacking all sense of belonging and identity. As a nation, we have been privileged to receive the most superior of frameworks: G-d's Torah and mitzvot. It accompanies us at every turn, gifting us with precious moments shared with family, moments of love and joy, happiness and celebration. The Frame collection was inspired by Jewish tradition, and features festive, joyful motifs in the form of ornate elements such as flexible silver ropes, symbolizing the delicate boundaries that allow us to live and thrive. The collection's design elements are finished to an especially high level by some of the world's most expert silversmiths.

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