"And find favor (chen) and good understanding in the sight of G-d and man" (Proverbs, 3:4). Chen, translated as favor, grace or charm, is the greatest gift bestowed to man from on High. This ephemeral quality cannot be purchased for any price, hence its rarity and great worth. The secret of its power lies in its refined subtlety; it exists unseen, precious in its simplicity, proud in its modesty, present in its absence. Hazorfim's Chen collection features pieces created with an ancient, complex technique, considered difficult by even the most accomplished silversmiths. After engraving and hammering the design onto the silver, the silversmith cuts away design elements with a tiny, specialized scalpel. For the next stage, a minute file is inserted into each of the hundreds of openings to carve out the intricate design. This is a painstaking process, done entirely by hand, and involving hours, sometimes days, of skilled artistic precision. It's no wonder that this technique has become nearly obsolete, notwithstanding the result, which is breathtaking in its beauty and grace. The eye-pleasing lacey effect that is achieved allows the imagination to fill in the blanks. This is understated elegance defined: an object which, at first glance, appears quite plain, yet upon closer examination reveals a profusion of ornate detail, revealing the perfection created specifically by the absence of material. We invite you to revel in the grace and charm of the Chen collection.

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