Height : 12.60 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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Created in the unique style of the Ben Yehuda collection at Hazorfim, these large silver candlesticks boast a rich history, and beautiful pieces of silver art, with magnificent patterns and designs. This collection was designed by the late Joseph Merdinger, who fled from Europe before the war, with just his silversmith tools and his hopes for building Hazorfim- an establishment where Jews could once again create jewelry using the standard handcrafted skills used by silversmiths for generations. Each of the silver pieces in the Ben Yehuda collection are fashioned in the classic imperial design, and ornate styles typical of the Austro-Hungarian Jews.

With four finely carved legs of silver supporting their arched base, these sterling silver candle holders then then narrow greatly before turning into a round, bulb-like stem, which thins as it rises, curving out again slightly at the top, where it holds the cups. The cups of these beautiful candlesticks have a broad, round rim, and narrow considerably beneath it, finishing in a wide, circular base. Each section of these candlesticks features detailed patterns engraved in the silver, for a piece which is brilliant in design and style, and an elegant way to house your Shabbat flames.


  • Judaica silver candlesticks polished to perfection, for a spectacular shine
  • Handcrafted from pure 925 sterling silver, with superior quality
  • Brings a touch of sophistication to your table
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When you look to buy silver candlesticks, choose these magnificent large silver candlesticks, for pieces that will never fail to impress.

The Ben-Yehuda Collection is the first designed by the late Joseph Merdinger for Hazorfim and is influenced by the baroque-style typical of Austro-Hungarian Jews. Merdinger escaped Europe before the war, carrying only a suitcase containing his silversmith’s tools and his vision for "Hazorfim"- a company to revive the tradition of Jewish jewelry making and the traditional skills of hand-made silver art in the Land of Israel.

The elegant pieces which make-up the Ben-Yehuda Collection, are Joseph’s interpretation of classic imperial designs made famous by Jewish silversmiths from northern Europe.