Height : 22.05 inch
Width : 13.58 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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This 6 arm silver candelabra, as well as the other Judaica silver pieces in the Tuscana collection, are highly decorated, reflecting the dominating renaissance style the artists chose to use as the primary theme for this collection. Vines, leaves, grapes and flowers; these are all featured throughout this collection, which is inspired by Tuscany, Italy that is home to all these elements.

The round, wavy base is set on 4 attractively engraved and vine-shaped feet. The height from top to bottom of this 6 branch sterling silver candelabra is an elegant 56 cm. The main branch is slightly elevated over the remaining 5, which are placed evenly around it.

What draws the eye to this piece is the fact that each part of it is invested with personality and style. The branches and trunk are covered with leaf-shaped embellishments, the base is highly stylized and engraved, and the cup holders are covered almost entirely with leaf and flower engravings. The drip pans on this 6 branch candelabra are unique in that they point downwards rather than upwards and are beautifully shaped in a rounded, wavy design to match that of the base and pull the whole piece together.

  • Highly stylized piece, inspired by the artists at Hazorfim’s love for the lush, fertile city of Tuscany, Italy.
  • Drip pans, engravings, embellishment and great height all add to the grandeur of this silver candelabra centerpiece

Replace your candlesticks with this sumptuously handcrafted 6 arm silver candelabra to bring it all together and show your family members that each one counts towards a whole.

The Tuscana Collection is a unique range which draws its inspiration from the views of Tuscany, Italy. It’s no secret that Hazorfim’s designers and silver artists share a special, personal and professional connection with Italian art. The province of Tuscany has a privileged role in this relationship as the site where the Renaissance and Rococo movement flowered.

The designs in the Tuscana Collection are inspired by the romanticism which characterized the Renaissance. Each piece in the collection is adorned by Hazorfim’s master silversmiths with ornate engravings of vines, flowers, grapes and leaves- all hand-crafted from pure silver. The Tuscana Collection seeks to preserve the traditions of exquisite design in pure silver, granting the collection the majesty of eternity.