Width : 5.31 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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This silver plate is a magnificent choice for anyone who looks for a piece with an elegant design and exceptional quality when they want to purchase silver plates for their Shabbat table. The beauty of this judaica silver piece will shine brightly when the glow from the candle lights radiate off its pure silver, spreading the sparkle of Shabbat around the room in a magnificent fashion and leaving everyone who witnesses it dreaming of this holy day all week long. With the beautiful look of pure silver gracing your table, you will be able to experience the joy which Shabbat brings on a new level, making you appreciate this special day in a way you never would have thought was possible before.

Formed in a circular shape, this Jewish silver plate has a width of 13.5 cm. The smooth silver center of this piece is encircled by a wide border. A magnificent design is etched into the border in two stripes, with a sleek silver divider between them, and three silver diamonds etched into the divider, surrounding beautiful floral embellishments.

  • Exquisite design adds a special sparkle to your table
  • Handmade by talented silver artists
  • Crafted entirely from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Catches any accidental spills from your kiddush cup

Your silver kiddush cup will shine elegantly from this polished silver plate, with the pure silver offset brilliantly by the deep, sparkling wine it holds. Add this silver plate to your collection for a Shabbat table which will earn you countless compliments week after week.